A multifaceted approach to technical development in AfricaWe work with corporations, investors, non-profits and entrepreneurs, helping them use technology within an African context.

Impact Through Technology

Based in Rwanda, we see first-hand how simple technical solutions are needed for sustainable and social growth in the region. Umoja Ventures is a social enterprise comprising a group of startup founders from around the world now based in Africa; we support companies using technology in sectors including agriculture, energy, health, education and micro-finance.

We see mobile technology as our sweet spot and love using simple mobile phones to help people with financial inclusion and access to information.

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Market Consulting

The Umoja team has strong market knowledge of East Africa, Nigeria, and South Africa, and we help global organisations with areas such as market research, product development, product testing, marketing and user-generated data collection.

We are on the ground in East Africa, so that is where our focus is. We see lots of opportunities to create impact with technology in the region; growing mobile penetration combined with more affordable data costs means contextual solutions can reach people in both urban and rural locations.

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Startup Support

Umoja Ventures helps put structure around the ideas of young entrepreneurs; we do this with mentoring and advice from our team of experienced startup founders. When the time is right, we will make introductions to our investor network and help create the perfect pitch to close that next round of funding.

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Market Digitalisation

Umoja works with a talented tech team in Rwanda to develop and deploy software and digital infrastructure to help SMEs build the foundations needed to scale their business both regionally and on an international level.

This process can be as simple as helping set up websites, accounting software and emails, or digitalising more complex parts of the company’s value chain.

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Our Team In East Africa

CTO, Great Lakes Energy

Alp Tilev

Builds technology and business models around off-grid solar energy systems.
CEO, Sokkaa

Thom Harvey

Founder of a disruptive adtech company. Mentors and invests in East African technology-focused startups.
Development Expert, Inyenyeri

Amber Bloomer

Development guru with a focus on grants and strategic partnerships.

More to follow…

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